Resident Information

  1. Address Change

    Notify the County Clerk of any change of address.

  2. Assessor's Office

    Look up information pertinent to the Assessor's Office, including important dates, market value information, and personal property listings.

  3. Collector's Office

    Learn more about personal property taxes, real estate taxes, merchant licensing, and what to do if you're moving to the area.

  4. Emergency Management

    Prepare yourself for an emergency.

  5. Employment Opportunities

    View any open employment opportunities in Buchanan County Government.

  6. Marriage Licenses

    Learn more about how to obtain a marriage license.

  7. Military Discharge Records

    Request a copy of your military discharge records.

  8. Missouri Property Tax Credit Program

    Learn more information about the Missouri property tax credit program, and see if you qualify.

  9. Prosecuting Attorney's Office

    Learn more about the divisions of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, and the services they offer.

  10. Public Record Search

    Learn more about how to start a public record search through the Recorders Office.

  11. Sheriff's Office

    Learn more about the departments of the Sheriff's Office, and what they can do for you.

  12. Voting Information

    Learn more about how to register to vote, or obtain an absentee ballot.