Data & Services

Data Layers & Maps

The Geographic Information Systems Department has many data layers and maps available for purchase at the Buchanan County Courthouse in St. Joseph, MO. Buchanan County can provide digital data and hard copy maps for the fees listed below. Digital data can be delivered in a Shapefile format or as a Feature Class using an ESRI® Geodatabase v10.3.

Please call the courthouse to get pricing for each individual data layer at 816-271-1506. All prices and available layers are subject to change without notice.

Custom Digital Data

All data requests that requires delivery in any other file format or requests for special areas of interest will be considered custom data. This includes data areas of subdivisions, districts, or other features that do not follow the county tax map tiles. Custom data sets will have a $35 per hour charge for the GIS staff to develop. A minimum of 1 business day is needed to complete data requests.

Custom Data Types (PDF)