Planning & Zoning


  • Enforcing existing Zoning Order
  • Assisting property owners to change zoning for land use purposes
  • Planning for land use in general in the county as a whole
  • Issuing conditional use permits for various uses, such as mobile homes, buildings, firework stands, etc.
  • 911 addressing and for any new addresses that need to be assigned within the county
  • Providing information to the County Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment

The County Planning Commission meets the second Wednesday of each month in the courthouse. Meeting times are 7 p.m. This group is comprised of 1 appointee from each political township within Buchanan County. Appointments are made by the County Commission. This group can meet at other times on a special call basis.

The Board of Zoning Adjustment consists of five members, appointed county wide by the County Commission. They regularly meet four times throughout the year. This group can meet at other times on a special call basis.

This office falls under the direction of the County Commission.

Zoning Order Permits and Regulations

Zoning Ordinance 109.115.3 states: All zoning districts, regardless of acreage, require a building permit for any structure and on-site wastewater treatment system, if applicable (Amended March 26, 2012, under authority of Section 64.271 RSMo). Failure to secure a building permit or follow proper setbacks, right of ways and all Density Table Requirements can result in the demolition of the structure(s). The County may use any suitable means or assistance for the demolition, which includes County employees or day laborers employed for that purpose or any other assistance necessary. 

Zoning Ordinance 804.1.9 states: Where building or construction has proceeded without  filing for and receiving a valid building permit, the fee for issuance  of a subsequent building permit for said construction shall be doubled. (Amended June 1985)


To start the process of building, rezoning, splitting land or to get a conditional use permit certain steps are required before a meeting will be set with the Planning and Zoning Board.  

Click here to see the Buchanan County Land Change Form