Collector's Office

Responsibilities for this office are:

  • Collects $100 million in tax revenue annually
  • Disburses tax revenue to 33 taxing districts
  • Prepares and mails tax statements
  • Provides Merchants and Manufacturers licenses
  • Conducts delinquent tax sale in August

Pay Your Taxes

Tax bills are mailed the first week in November and are due upon receipt, must be paid or postmarked by the official postmark of the United States Postal Service by December 31st to be considered on time.  Private mail machines are not the official mark.  This is in accordance with Missouri statutes. If you do not receive a statement by the end of November, please contact the office to request a copy. Not receiving the statement does not waive any penalties or interest if payment is received after December 31.

Visit the Buchanan County PAY/VIEW TAXES application to look up tax information or make a payment on line. If you choose to pay your taxes at this site, please be aware of the fact that you will incur a convenience fee. The Buchanan County Collector's office does not charge its own nor retain any of the transaction fee.


Your paid receipt will be mailed to you in 3 to 5 business days. Should you lose your receipt, you can get a copy of your receipt at the collector's office for $1. Taxes can be paid by cash, check, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. We do not accept payments via the phone.

Paying Delinquent Taxes

Delinquent real estate and personal property taxes owed must be paid before applying any payment to current taxes. If paying after December 31st, please refer to the payment schedule printed on the statement.

Contact the County Assessor with questions regarding:

  • The assessed value of your real or personal property
  • If you need to change a name or mailing address
  • If the wrong vehicles are listed on your statement
  • The legal description of real estate