Mission Statement

Our mission at the Recorder of Deeds is to maintain and preserve public records according to the statutes of the State of Missouri and make them easily accessible for viewing by the public. We provide data on Real Estate transactions, Historical perspective, Marriage Records, Military Service Records, Tax Liens, Miscellaneous deeds and Fixture filings.

Our earliest records, beginning in 1839, were hand recorded in Books. In June 2004, a new state of the art automated system with document bar coding and scanning preserving records was implemented. The scanning system updates and provides easy accessibility to link records. Indexing data information and images are available back through January 1977. We provide access to three public viewing stations, located in the recorders office. Available to the public at no charge. Any copies made are $1.00 per page.

For protections and maintenance, access to the internet website records with images is available by contract agreement only. See Public Record Search to print the Agreement.

Now electronic documents are transmitted to our office through a portal and payment made by ACH the documents arrive at the recorders office in seconds. They are examined and fully recorded or rejected and returned to the submitter within minutes. See E-recording for information and the agreement.