Bad Checks Division

The primary duties of the Buchanan County Prosecuting Attorney’s Bad Checks Division are:

  • Prosecution of bad check offenders; and
  • Collection of restitution for crime victims.

Bad Checks Guidelines and Tips...

Bad checks pose a problem for all business owners. As your prosecuting attorney, I am concerned about the negative impact bad checks have on our local businesses and consumers. Our bad checks program seeks full restitution for the victim, at no cost to the victim.

If a check has been returned to you from the bank for insufficient funds, account closed, or stop payment, try to collect the check by sending a written letter by regular mail (a certified letter is required on a stop payment check) that the check did not clear and that it should be paid to you within 10 days. If no payment is received, you may bring the check to our office.

Sample 10 day letter

Submit a Bad Check

To submit a bad check to our office, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill out a bad check complaint form completely (one form for each check)
  • Attach the check to the form after making a copy for your records
  • Attach a copy of the ten day letter you sent.

If you received a notice from the bank that returned the check to you, attach it also. Deliver the original check and form to our office, along with a copy or your letter, within 90 days of the date of the check. Checks written more than 90 days prior to submission to our office will not be accepted.

411 Jules, Room 132
St. Joseph, Missouri 64501

If the check is at our office, do not accept payment from the person. Send that person to our office. If by mistake payment is taken by you, forward the payment to our office.

More Bad Checks Guidelines - "DOs and Don'ts"

Always ask for picture identification, preferably a Drivers License.

Compare person writing check with the picture on ID.

Compare signature on ID with signature on check.

Make sure checks are dated.

Never allow checks to be POST-DATED.

Never take partial payments.

The person/clerk accepting the check must obtain the following information and write it on the face of the check:

  • License number or Social Security number
  • Type of ID and State of issuance
  • Expiration date of license
  • Date of Birth
  • Initials of person whom accepted the check

Do not allow check writer to put this information on the check; the person or clerk accepting check MUST obtain/write on face of check.