The Criminal Investigations Division of the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of committed full-time investigators with various specialties who investigate the full range of crimes against persons and property. Investigator areas of expertise include forensics, violent crimes, interview and interrogation, sex crimes, and crimes against children. Illegal narcotics investigations are conducted by the Buchanan County Drug Strike Force.

Major crimes and other criminal activities frequently require considerable time in follow-up investigation, evidence gathering, and interviewing. These duties are often beyond the scope of the patrol officer's duty assignments. While the police officer first on the scene takes the intial report, the investigator is responsible for following all possible leads, leading to the apprehension of the criminal offender. Upon successful completion of the investigation, the Investigator submits the case to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for criminal charges.

All members of the Criminal Investigations Division also serve on the Initial Response Team of the Northwest Missouri Major Investigation Squad. The IRT responds when requested to provide investigative support when violent crimes occur in other jurisdictions throughout Northwest Missouri.

The Criminal Investigations Division is also responsible for tracking sexual offenders who fail to register with the Department as required by law. Those cases are also submitted through this division to the Prosecutor.

Any persons wishing to provide information regarding a criminal offense and/or information regarding an ongoing criminal investigation may contact the Investigations Division or call the TIPS Hotline at 816-238-TIPS to leave an anonymous tip.