County Auctioneer License Information

An Auctioneer License may be obtained by applying through the County Clerk's Office. Call the County Clerk's Office at 271-1412 if you have any questions. Please see the fee chart below:

License fees are:
10 Day - $5.00
1 Month - $10.00
3 Months - $20.00
6 Months - $30.00
12 Months - $50.00

A $2.00 processing fee applies to each license. Additionally, we can only accept cash, money orders, or checks made payable to the Buchanan County Clerk (we currently are not able to process payments by debit/credit card).

You may mail your Auctioneer License application and fee to:
Buchanan County Clerk's Office
Attn: Kerry Peppard
411 Jules Room 121
St. Joseph, MO 64501


you may apply in person at the office.