How do I register to vote?

Who can sign up?

In order to vote, citizens living in Missouri must register to vote. Any U.S.citizen 17 years and 6 months of age or older, if a Missouri resident, may register in the state. The following are the only exceptions:

A person who is adjudged incapacitated
A person who is confined under sentence of imprisonment
A person who is on probation or parole after a conviction of a Felony until final discharge
A person after conviction of a felony or misdemeanor connected with the right of suffrage (RSMo 115.133)

How and where can I register to vote?

Qualified citizens may register in person at the County Clerk’s Office, by mail, on the Secretary of State's website, or at the Driver's License Bureau. You become registered by completing a form with identity and residence information and qualifications that are signed and sworn to, then witnessed by the election authority or designated deputy.

You must be 18 years of age by the day of a particular election to be eligible to vote in that election. Also, you must be registered by the 4th Wednesday preceding an election to be eligible to vote in that election.

Register to vote here!

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