Road and Bridge East


Department Name

Road and Bridge East


Eastern District Commissioner


Phone : (816) 271-1503

Brian Burnett

Road Supervisor

Email Brian Burnett

Phone : (816) 279-2861


411 Jules Street, Room 101, Saint Joseph, MO 64501



Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

Road and Bridge East
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The Road and Bridge Department is responsible for:

  • Maintaining records for work completed and materials used on the county roads and bridges
  • Maintain load limit listings for all bridges within the county
  • Must work closely with state officials to keep updated information available

Scheduled Work

Please note, due to weather and other unforeseen conditions, this schedule is subject to change.

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Beginning May 9, 2023, the District Road & Bridge Department will be starting road maintenance. Currently our budget allows us to chip seal approximately 40 of our 120 miles of chip seal roads putting them on a 3-year rotation. The last couple of years we’ve started reclaiming roughly 20 miles of the 40 planned chip seal miles. This process consists of using a reclaimer to dig 6”-7” down into the road, bring the material up, grinding it, then laying it back down. We then water and compact it in creating a smooth & solid sub surface, however this is not the final stage. After letting it set for a couple of months for further compaction, we will apply another layer of oil and haydite. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are confident this process will improve the quality of our roads while extending life expectancy.

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