The Corrections Division is responsible for the fair and firm care, custody, and control of all sentenced and non-sentenced inmates charged to the custody of the Sheriff.  The Buchanan County Jail is designed with three separate housing units with a total bed capacity of 234 inmates.  The Buchanan County Jail provides a complete range of services for all inmates while they are incarcerated,  A 45-person staff has been allocated to provide supervision of inmates incarcerated in the Buchanan County Jail.  The Corrections Division consists of 2 Divisional Commanders; Lieutenant of Custody and Lieutenant of Compliance, 7 Sergeants, 4 Deputies, 25 Detention Deputies, 3 property clerks, 2 kitchen staff, 1 digital download specialist, and 1 receptionist.

Inmate Services Provided by Turnkey Corrections

Turnkey Corrections offers video visitation, email, and SMS messaging as well as commissary to inmates.  Video visitation allows the inmate to visit family, children, and friends throughout the week.  The email services offered are faster and cheaper than postal mail. Please visit to set up your account.